Raija, born in 1960, lives in Nousiainen and has been a Myssy Granny since Spring 2020. She has learned how to knit when she was young but she was already retired when she made her first handmade pair of woolen socks. In addition to knitting, Raija enjoys skiing, reading books, and spending time at the summer cottage. According to Raija, the best part of being a Myssy Granny is the fact that she has always something to do but she can still decide how much she works. Raija says, that you should never say never.

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Anneli Säde

January 03, 2022

Hei, saako vanhoja malleja vielä? Kuten Matintalon pellolla kuvattua turkoosi reuna/ oranssi tupsu.tai harmaa, missä persikat raidat ja tupsu?

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