Leena, born in 1946, lives in Mynämäki and has been a Myssy Granny since Autumn 2020. Leena learned how to knit and got enthusiasm from primary school. Later, she also studied at a handicrafts school. Her free time is filled with playing with grandchildren, baking, and wandering in nature. Leena thinks that the best part of being a Myssy Granny is meeting other Myssy Grannies and the Myssy team. Of course, she also enjoys the possibility to knit as much as she wants. Leena emphasizes how important it is to live in a moment, every day. Leena also reveals the project she is working on right now: gathering historical stories of her family from Karelia and giving this collection to her grandchildren. The stories start from the times of war continuing to the evacuation of Karelia and ending to the present time.

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Birgit (from Germany)

November 18, 2021

Thank you for that wonderful Myssy – It’s so addictive !

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