Birgit, born in 1950, from Pori has been a Myssy Granny since 2019. In addition to knitting, Birgit spends her free time outdoors, and going to theater and concerts. According to Birgit, the best thing about being a Myssy Granny is traveling, the community and of course the knitting.

As a guideline for life Birgit highlights positive attitude. She also reveals being a hiking fan and can hike up to 100 km during one trip! Also her sister Tuula is a Myssy Granny.

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Veksi Kanninen

December 25, 2021

Hei. Sain kutomasi myssyn lahjaksi, ensivaikutelma on upea, kunhan myssy muotoutuu niin uskon että se lämmittää pitkään päänuppiani.

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