Meet our lovely Iryna whose journey from Kyiv to our farm has been a long but rewarding. Iryna is responsible for all things visual, whether it’s styling and planning our photoshoots, creating content, or planning our Instagram feed. She is also in charge of the largest knitting circle in Finland: The Myssy Granny production team! 


She’s a Master of Arts and hence adds some fashion credibility to this group of misfits. If you want to know the color or the hottest style of the season, please ask Iryna. However six years in Pöytyä has done its job: Every other photo in the stunning Instagram feed of @irinashve is from a field or from the forest. This hard working power girl originally came to the Rauhansuu farm as a farming assistant. In May she was finally granted the Finnish citizenship! 

Irina ja Nomadi-hattu

If something puts Iryna down it is the darkness of November and the rainy weather. Even though according to a rural legend she is the reigning county champion in xc skiing, Iryna still hasn’t made peace with Finnish winter. Luckily it is possible to pose with a Myssy all year round. 

We all love empatic Iryna and this summer we will invent the concept of Finnish Citizenship Party for sure! Considering all the 80 team members being in a risk group, aka the Myssy Grannies, we might need to wait till the end of the summer. 

What is your favorite Myssy?

Oh, this is a difficult choice. I have such a strong connection with each and every Myssy collection. But I would say Sea A’hoy. It’s simple and stylish, and easy to combine with every outfit!

Best team moment?

There are so many! But one moment that comes to mind is when we packed 72 orders for our first Friend Sale ever with Anna and I was so proud of us and Myssyfarmi in general. After that I called my family and informed them that I work in the fashion industry now! 

I also recall our old office and the busy Black Friday campaigns when we were packing the orders with Jaana and it was such an amazing rush of excitement and everyone was in good spirits. Other fun moments have been building stands for fairs with Hanna and creating content with Päivi, and all the Wednesdays I get to hang out with grannies. And of course, our now traditional jump roping with Christmas lights. We do it at every holiday party!

Irina, Hanna, Anna

Most incredible Myssy trip?

My first trip to Paris with Hanna to represent Myssy. That’s when we realize that everything is possible, and honestly, it was just the beginning for us!

Irina Pariisissa

What have you learned from the Grannies?

Stop doubting yourself, because you can do anything. Everything is possible! And if something goes wrong you can fix it.

The must see place at Pöytyä?

I love lake Pyhäjärvi. The powerful waves inspire me and remind me about Crimea. 

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