Due to the huge popularity of our Lato Sweater KnitKit we are now offering Lato Sweater also as a ready-to-wear collection! The first Lato was knitted by Myssy Granny Salli, and ever since all our Grannies have been waiting to get this beautiful sweater on their knitting needles!

Lato is a simple and timeless garment. True to Finnish style, there is nothing extra or too complicated in it. Made from Finnsheep wool, the sweater is fitting especially for the ever changing spring weather. It will keep you warm in the cold spring days, but when the temperatures rise, it wicks moisture away from the skin, helping you to keep cool and dry. 

Since every Lato Sweater is hand knitted by a granny, each product is made to order and the delivery time varies from three to four weeks. There is no shirt as unique as this!

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