Probably the prettiest spring knit: Kuohu Cardigan! 

Softer, lighter, fluffier… more Kuohu? This beautiful Kuohu cardigan is the symbol of spring for the Myssy team. It naturally continues the saga of the super popular Kuohu sweater: It is a very feminine knitwear that will bring out the best in you. The best thing in Kuohu is that you are never underdressed or overdressed no matter what. You are never cold or hot either. Pretty perfect? 

This cardigan is made of dreams - dreams of having a perfect cardigan for the spring. Combine it with a jumpsuit, dress, or just Myssy Crop Top and jeans. It will always match. Keep on dreaming about the summer! 
The name Kuohu means froth in English and is almost the same as “kuohkea” - fluffy.

This beautiful one you can order from the Grannies or go knit yourself! The pattern is made by Mari Rintala. The pattern is simple, but challenging to knit - thick needles and thin yarn are not the easiest ones to combine. However, the result will reward the hard work. Suits all us that are stubborn enough to accomplish their dreams. Or in desperate need of a perfect summer knitwear for rural beaches and urban parties. You can do it!

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