It's not street credible. It's field credible.

You know Farmesters, right? Those trendsetters living in the countryside producing your food… A true Farmester is proud of his or her work, working with a smile on their face as they steer the tractor. Their daily work, if anything, is truly meaningful in this world. After all, we all must eat.

Farmesters might have spent time traveling around the world, but taking over the family farm was always been an obvious choice. They don’t make quarterly plans, they make quarter-century plans. They don’t want to build barriers between the countryside and urban areas, but act as a link between them and enjoy the advantages of both. When spotting a Farmester downtown, you might mix him into a hipster – which he of course isn’t.

These Myssys are a tribute to the Finnish farming heritage and they can be worn both when heading to town as well as on the farm.

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