September 22, 2020

It’s finally official: Myssyfarmi's gift packaging is the best in Finland. We were honored to receive the award for the best package design in Finland’s most significant creative design competition, Vuoden Huiput, leaving many big names behind.

Grafia’s non-profit Vuoden Huiput was founded by designers themselves in 1980. The annual event aims to raise the quality of design, strengthen creativity and originality and to promote designers' expertise. The competition was organised for the 39th time this year. 

Palkittu Myssypakkaus

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#MyMyssy - Tee itse oma Myssysi
#MyMyssy - Do it yourself or surprise dad on Father’s Day!

October 21, 2020

This spring we tested MyMyssy knitting kits and the bestseller colors sold out within days. Now we have decided to bring the MyMyssy knitting kits back to our webshop - and for good!

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5 Faktaa Villasta
5 Faktaa Villasta

October 13, 2020

Villa on todellinen luonnon supermateriaali. Se on lämmin ja kestävä luonnontuote, joka sopii niin säähän kuin säähän. Vaatteissa villa on elinikäinen kumppani. Kokosimme 5 faktaa villasta.
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Uutta: Myssy x Nightwish
New: Myssy x Nightwish

October 09, 2020

The world famous Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish has published today our collaboration: Myssy x Nightwish beanie.

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