Love match of the two favorites is here: Myssy Hoodie Sept 13th 2022!  It is a guaranteed minimalistic Pöytyä style sweater: No figures, no frills, no colors, no extras.  The seamless idea of combining a super popular Lato sweater and a bestseller Myssy Hood came out of the blue on a chilly summer day walking in the shallow water of Pehku beach - a match made in heaven.

Sometimes when you reach flow state, everything is just so easy and fast. So was knitting the first ever Myssy Hoodie, Marja-Liisa finished in no time a perfect sweater that needed no changes. Shall this Myssy Hoodie bring flow state to both the knitter and user of it as this is a sweater truly menth for use. 

Myssy Hoodie is not one of those cool fashion releases, but a warm and timeless sweater. As a knitting project it fits both rather beginner level and more advanced knitters as knitting super soft Finnsheep yarn from Virtain Villa is never boring.

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