It has been one great year for our farm, thank you so much for all our Myssy Friends!!! We might write a book about it, but let's cut it short this time.

In January we presented our new AW17/18 collections at Berlin Fashion Week, the Ethical Fashion Show and Innatex. It was a great experience for us and being said this, we have had much more resellers in Germany than Finland!

In February we decided to join the Lifestyle Finland program funded by the Finnish Government aiming to promote Finnish fashion and design businesss abroad, especially in Asia. Little Auni was born.

In March Hanna traveled to Tokyo for a showroom and the rest is history. We made our first deal with local agents and got Look Inc as our distributor.

In April the same happen in Seoul, wow!

In May we participated Fashion in Helsinki for the first time and had Japanese press visiting the farm.

In June the Finnish innovation fund Tekes started funding us and we made a deal with Finnair. Designing Finnair Exclusive Myssys was a great experience. You can now buy them from the Preorder catalog.

In July we tried to have some summer holidays...

In August all Myssys took off from the farm: having our products sold in 45 shops in 13 countries is amazing. It wouldn't happen without our grannies...

In September we made an other trip to Tokyo and Lifestyle Finland Showroom. Anna was traveling with baby Auni.

In October the Finnish press noticed our success story and among others Iltasanomat made a story of us.

In November it was time for Hanna to check out Shanghai and Seoul again while attending Lifestyle Finland Showrooms. It was great to see our Myssys presented in the KUHO flagship store.

And we published the cooperation with the Finnish actor Lauri Tilkanen.

In December we were proud to be noticed in the Design Year 2017 publication and WIN the TOP PRIZE in Innoaura competition of creativity in Southwest Finland.

Thank you so much for everyone along the way, this has been team work. We wish You a Happy New Year! New adventures shall follow. The journey has just begun!

All the best,

Anna, Janne, Hanna, Jaana, Iryna, Myssy grannies, business baby Auni, the Myssy kids, and the rest of the farm team

In November Hanna jumped on the plane again and visited the Shanghai fashion market from the beginning of the month and the end of Seoul. It was pretty great to see them in the Kuho fashion chain flagship store, huh!

And a few pictures of a farmester were published! It was a pleasure to work with Lauri Tilkae, a great guy. Pictures of his fascinating beautiful wife, Pamela Tola, were also insane.

Decembercrowned the Varsinais-Suomen Federation Innoaura Prize the main prize.

As well as, of course, we were included in Designvuosi 2017 and our own Finnish 100 product Finland 100 luxury shone in the Christmas sale.

Also, The Evening Magazine made us a case with fantastic pictures.

THANK YOU, this has been an incredible adventure! Whatever comes next year, excitedly... We're just going on a flight here!

t.Anna, Janne, Hanna, Iryna, Jaana, Myssymummot, Bisnesbeibi Auni, Myssytontut and other farm people

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