March 18, 2021

Are you interested in knitting but don't know where to start? Do not fret! Our MyMyssy DIT Kit comes with everything you need to start knitting. Let's have a look what the kit includes!

1. Beginner friendly knitting instructions

Each MyMyssy DIY Kit includes everything you need to knit a real Myssy product. The instructions are written so that even a beginner can get a head start. Each step is illustrated with a photo and we've also included links to useful instruction videos.


2. Yarn made from organic Finnsheep wool 

Each kit comes with enough yarn to finish your knitting project. The thicker the yarn, the easier it is for a beginner. 

Myssy yarn is spun in Finland from organic Finnsheep wool. The farms that sell their wool to us provide us with EU documents of the status of their organic farms, so we really do trace all the wool. The wool is washed lightly and spun at small local spinning mills. All colors are hand-dyed at the farm. There are so many yarns out there, but none like this!

The yarn comes either in hanks or skeins. If your yarn comes in a hank, we recommend winding it into a loose ball.

3. Myssy tag and all the necessary accessories! 

We've taught about all the little details as MyMyssy DIY kit also comes with  a Myssy fabric tag and a Myssy logo, string for attaching them, a small sewing needle and a tapestry needle for weaving in the ends. If you are wondering the necessity of all these accessories, don't worry, the instructions will explain everything. The only things you need to have at home are scissors!

4. Knitting needles

We also offer high-quality knitting needles with small extra cost. We offer this as an extra product as many knitters have knitting needles already at home. However you can use these needles for many MyMyssy projects!

5. Gift packaging

If you would like to gift your knitting project for someone special, make sure to add gift packaging into your order. It comes free of charge! And it's not just any gift packaging, it was chosen the best packaging in Finland in 2019 in Vuoden Huiput design competition.


Interested and ready to knit? You can easily order your MyMyssy DIY Kit here. We ship worldwide. My Muffi is the perfect project for a beginner! 

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