Albireo's a twin star.

But this collection is not about astronomy, it's about breaking boundaries. In the 1980s, the headquarters home village of Haver hosted the first Finnish village association observatory on Mount Varkan. It was a masterpiece of one visionary man and a test of the strength of an entire village, where everything was built with talcum. This is insane! It's not exactly standard oats, Myssy.

As a reminder of the project, there is still an observatory and an awesome shirt that says "Albireo-Watch the Stars in Haven". So, the photos from this collection were taken at Varkan Mountain and Haver High. In an interview with the Helsinki Newspapers, teacher Veijalainen commented on the shirt:The yellow and blue stars are Albireo's twin stars. Veijalainen stresses that the stars'colours are the same in space and college sweaters."

*A double star is a star where two stars rotate around each other around a common focus. The star's name comes from the Greek word for bird, ornis. Of the Albireo components, the orange is cooler and the mustard warmer.

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