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Myssy & Makia Malmi

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Malmi Myssy & Makia beanie is hand-knitted by Myssy Grannies in Pöytyä Finland from 100% organic Finnsheep wool. This beanie is folded three times, making it as short or long you want. 

Field-credibility meets street credibility in Myssy & Makia collaboration. You won’t find any logos from these Myssy beanies, they honor the Finnish handicraft tradition by emphasizing the design and uniqueness of the beanie itself. 

One brand comes from the middle of fields, the other from Helsinki harbour. Both share the passion for simple and a functional design with materials that respect the Nordic climate. These photos have been taken in downtown Helsinki, a unique exception to the scenery of Pöytyä-based field-credible Myssy photos. 
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