We are happy launch a new summer tradition: Pöytyä summer shirt! 

The theme of the 2023 shirt is nothing less than Surfing Pöytyä! This kind of Biarritz spirited t-shirt has been inspired by the endless opportunities that our beloved home county can offer at summertime. You couldn't be more proud to show where you come from - or where you want to visit! In Finnish there is a saying that one should not go farther than the sea to fish - or in this case to surf. The second largest open lake in Finland, the land of 100 000 lakes, will offer some excellent windsurfing and even some pretty nice waves, if one gets the right wind.

Pre-order your t-shirt and receive it by the legendary Finnish Midsummer!
We give a 15% off discount for all pre-orders made by June 13th.
Deliveries starting from June 16th.
Discount will be added automatically at checkout.
There is a really limited edition of these babies, so be fast!

This t-shirt is unisex model and sizes go from XS to 4XL, please check the size chart. The t-shirt has been manufactured by Pure Waste Textiles of 100% recycled cotton and the illustration has been designed based on our brief by our beloved AD Erkki Mikola. In this illustration a windsurfer, perhaps FIN-24, is enjoying the wind and waves of Pyhäjärvi somewhere close to the delta of Yläne river.

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