Dear Myssy Friend, we need your help!

Myssy has faced financial turbulence and we want to be open about the situation as we need you. After sharing so much great news over the years it is only fair to share also the not so good ones. We and the Grannies need your help and the best possible help is buying a Myssy product. Save the Myssy campaign starts today!

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You can’t save the whole world, but do what you can. Buy a Myssy.

The global pandemia, war, energy crisis and inflation have been difficult to handle for all businesses, also for us. In addition to the global crisis disturbing our domestic sales, we also ran into a situation where some planned funding projects went cold due to circumstances that we couldn’t really effect. Our financial crisis is a sum of these all happening at the same time.

Myssy is so much more than just a product, we are a society. We employ 95 retired ladies that we do not offer just extra income but meaningful work and society to belong to. We are also purchasing wool from more than 20 Finnish sheep farms and pointing out to our global audience, where and what is Pöytyä. The social impact of our work is huge and we are not ashamed of where we are now. We have done our very best and are proud of our work that is too valuable to lose.

If you want to save Myssy, buy one. It is the best possible help for us and the Grannies. If you don’t need one, but want to support us, give one as a gift. During the campaign all collections are 25% off and old collections 40% off. A true Myssy Friend can purchase a I Support Myssy product package including Myssy Friend beanie and socks.

Read more about the campaign here.

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