We warmly welcome you to join the universe of Myssy this autumn! We got something for you that will keep you warm and now it is really really needed. Lots of water has flown in the Aura River since designing collection, as we tend to say here. A year ago we were drawing drafts and feeling a little rebellious creating totally new line of accessories.  At that time it seems that our biggest problem was that restaurants were forced to close at eight in the evening. The little did we know what the world is like on this September 6th as the collection is launched.

Our main collection this autumn is Myssy Balaclava. Balaclava was originally launched at the battle of Balaclava which took place in 1850s in the Crimean war, where the Russians fought the British army. It was so cold that the British army was given a new kind of headgear that was later named Balaclava according to the place. We Finns love all kinds of winter legends due to our history, but this collection is not devoted to us or the British army, it is devoted to all Ukranians fighting for their independence.

Our new collections respect the designs of the past decades, but do it with a contemporary twist. Some might say they are retro. We say they are Myssy. Soon it will happen to you as well. You will find yourself desiring accessories you never thought you would wear again after closing the door at kindergarten. Of course they are not fashionable, they are knitted by Grannies. Dare to wear?

Hand-knitted garments carry a special warm energy in them. Both emotional and physical warmth is needed to take us through this autumn and winter.

We will keep you warm,

Anna and the team.

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