Sun is shining in Pöytyä, spring colors have landed!

The first spring colors have arrived at Myssy webshop. Shiny sky blue, lovely heather pink, soft ochre yellow and light mint green are inviting you to knit the season hit Myssy Collar, Myssy Beret or bestseller Muffi beanie in spring colors!

A color that suites absolutely everything?

No, black is not the new black.

Sky blue goes with anything. We are all under the same sky, it suites everything. Sky blue is also a classy Myssy color that we have been missing for few seasons. Finding the perfect new shade too several rounds of dyeing to find the Right one.

No matter what specialities we try, it is always the pink shades that steal the show. Lovely pink has been desperately needed to top up our color pallet. It was time to bringa fresh heather pink to company classy nude and super popular offlila.

This spring our strong sun yellow gets to go and softer ochre yellow will step in. The pastel colors will have a new member mint that will join nude and lavender lila.

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