Rauno, born in 1951, lives in Turku and is the first and for now the only Myssy Grandpa! Originally Rauno got inspired by her wife Marju who was knitting as a Myssy Granny and wanted to take part in the action. And since then, for over two years now, he's been making pom poms for us! Rauno did not have previous experience of knitting but he reveals that he has made a Scandinavian wall rug in his twenties. During his free time, Rauno enjoys playing with his dog, gardening at the summer cottage, traveling, and watching sports from the TV.

Rauno believes charity and taking care of health will carry far in life. Rauno reveals that he has graduated from upper secondary school in 2017, exactly 50 years after graduating from junior secondary school. Rauno has also been a volley ball coach and from that time he has two Finnish Championships and many other medals.

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June 09, 2022

Finally got a beanie with a pompom and absolutely love it :)!! Thank you!

Akseli Arvonen

February 16, 2022

Moi myssikset ihanii tuotteita ja valloittava Ritu!

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